If you are running a party rental business, then you can find yourself spending a lot of your time dealing with inquiries, working out quotes for people, and following up on leads for potential business, as well as organizing your marketing.

It is actually quite easy to streamline a lot of these processes and make your party rental business run more efficiently and cost effectively if you let your website and the surrounding technology handle a lot of these things for you. You can actually do all of the things suggested in this article very easily, by investing in some party rental software that manages your website, customers, and marketing.

Making your website work for you is all about giving it the power to deal with most of the inquiries you usually get from potential customers, as well as serving as a hub for your marketing efforts.

Enable your party rental business website to answer your customers’ questions

What are the main inquiries you get from potential customers who contact your business? For the average party rental business, they will be about which services you offer, their availability on a given date, and how much they cost.

You can enable your website to answer all of these questions by having an online catalog. If your website visitors can check you rent out what they are looking for, can see if it will be available for their event, and can see how much it would cost to hire it, then not only does this save both you and them time, but it also makes it far more likely that they will place the order with you there and then than go away and compare quotes with your competitors. If they have already found everything they want on your site at a price that suits them, and all they have to do is click to book it, then generally that is what they will do.

An online catalog which also allows you to take orders online can be cheap to implement, and you can find solutions that are incredibly easy to manage and keep up to date. You can get this as part of a broader party rental software solution, which will also include things like customer relationship management that can help to further boost your efficiency.

Make your party rental business website work with your marketing

Your website can be used for marketing in its own right, if you use SEO (search engine optimization) and social media marketing to bring in new visitors from internet searches and platforms like Twitter and Facebook, but you can also streamline your business processes by directing all of your other marketing efforts to your site.

If you advertise in local press, the Yellow Pages, or through things like mailshots, you can encourage the people who see these ads to go to your website to make a booking. Other new technology, such as QR codes, which are printed onto things like newspaper adverts and flyers and which smartphone users can scan to take them to your mobile website or a given promotion or page, can also be used in your marketing to help encourage people onto your business site.

Using your website as the first point of contact for your potential customers is not about removing the personal touch. Your site should be an extension of your business and give people a sense of your professionalism and approachability, and should also give them the information they need if they want to contact you by email or phone with any more complicated questions. It does however filter out people who are looking for something you don’t provide, and effectively deal with any casual inquiries, as well as converting serious inquiries into sales. Managing your website using party rental software is the best way to make it work for you without having to worry about the technical side of things.