Search engine optimization, or SEO as it is most commonly known, is the art of making sure that your website gets the best possible ranking on internet search results. If you run a party rental business and want to get more traffic to your company website, employing some good SEO techniques will help potential customers to find you. You can also incorporate the use of specially designed party rental software to help you include SEO in your standard operating processes.

SEO and Keywords

While many search engines exist, the market is now so dominated by Google that the majority of established SEO techniques are focused around working with the algorithms Google uses to establish page relevance and ranking. One of the most important aspects of this is how the search term a user has entered into Google is used in the content of a site.

Your party rental business website needs to contain the right words in the right quantity to get the best possible Google ranking. This means you need to plan a strategy for this before you start writing the content for your site.

How Many Times Should You Use a Keyword?

To make Google recognize your site as being relevant to a search, the search term has to appear a sensible number of times within the content. Too few, and the site isn’t deemed as especially relevant. Too many, and Google deems the site to have been “stuffed” with that term for promotional purposes, and will not want to send its users there. This is because Google is designed to help people find useful websites rather than poorly made “spam” content.

The optimum keyword density for SEO is between 3% and 5%. This would mean that in a 500 word piece of content, like an article or blog post, the search term you have chosen to optimize your content for would appear 3-5 times. You should also include this main search term (your “primary keyword” in SEO terms, though it will normally be a phrase rather than just one word) in your content’s title.

Which Keywords Should You Use?

Choosing the keywords to optimize for on your party rental business website and any promotional content linking to your site is a very important step in creating an effective SEO strategy.

First, you need to look at the different ways someone might refer to what you do. Think of synonyms, like “hire” and “supply” for “rental”, and think about the different types of events you provide services to, for example weddings, birthdays, corporate parties and so on. Also consider the individual services you provide. Someone looking to rent barware, a marquee or a PA system for a party may search for these specific things.

Generally, a party rental business operates within a fairly specific local area, so you will want to consider using the name of your town and of any surrounding towns you also serve within all of your keyword phrases. This means you will have a set of keywords such as “party rental Austin”, “wedding supplies Austin”, “marquee hire Austin”.

For more ideas, try typing some of your keywords into Google, and seeing what else Google suggests as you type. Google also recommends other relevant search terms at the bottom of the page after you perform a search, so you can also use these as a source of other keyword ideas – these are terms Google views as related to your own.

You can use party rental software to manage and track your online marketing, including the use of SEO articles, as well as to manage the content on your site and blog.