Getting people to your website is crucial if you want your party rental business’ website to get you new customers and make you money. Most website traffic comes in through search engines, particularly Google, so when people are searching on the web for search terms relating to what you do, you need to ensure your site comes up as near as possible to the top of the search results page they see.

The methods for making your site as Google friendly as possible to bring in viewers are called SEO, which means “search engine optimization”. Here are some SEO basics that you can apply to your party rental business website to achieve more page views, and win more business:


A key SEO principle is that the more links there are elsewhere on the web to a given site, the more popular the search engines view that site to be, and the higher they will rank it. These links are called backlinks, and to achieve good SEO you need to ensure you have some on other people’s blogs and sites.

There are several different ways to get backlinks. One is to include links to your site in social media content, like tweets and Facebook status updates. You can also put your link in relevant comments on blogs and news stories, however make sure that when you do this you choose places where your link makes sense and you aren’t just “spamming” other people’s sites with them – this is seen as bad web etiquette, and chances are your comments will be deleted.

A third way to get backlinks is to post some articles about topics relevant to your party rental business on article directories, and to include your link in the author information. These articles should not be directly promotional, and should contain the keywords you expect your potential customers to be searching for. Many small businesses choose to hire freelance writers with SEO experience to produce these articles for them, or use specific party rental software to help them organize their online marketing.


The content on your site, and any content you put out linking to it, should contain keywords that you have chosen because they are what you expect your potential customers to be searching for.

When you optimize content with keywords for SEO purposes, it is important that the content still flows naturally, because you are producing content not just for the search engines to rank, but also for your human potential customers to read and understand. You should not overuse the keyword phrase either – search engines can tell when some web content has been “stuffed” with a phrase, and this actually has a negative effect on your ranking. For good SEO, simply include the relevant phrase you have chosen, for example “party rental business”, three or four times in your content and in the title.

When you are looking at SEO for your party rental business’ site, it can seem like there is a lot to learn. SEO is a deep and broad reaching subject, and while the basics described here will certainly help you with a “do-it-yourself” approach, it can often pay dividends to work with a professional SEO company, who will be able to use more in-depth techniques to get you the best possible results. They will also be able to take the work of creating backlinks and SEO content off of your hands, as while this is effective, it can be quite time consuming. Using party rental software to manage your website can also help you control your content and keep track of how you are placing your keywords.