It is a key rule in sales and business – it is easier to sell to people who are already customers. This is true in any industry, but in the party planning and party rental area it is especially relevant. You are dealing in events that can often be predicted annually, like birthdays and anniversaries, or with people who you know organize events on a regular basis and need certain things that you can offer every time.

As a result of this, you are probably aware of how important it is to keep in touch with your past customers, and to manage that relationship. Perhaps you keep a spreadsheet or a book with all of their details in. maybe you give them a call or an email from time to time if you have a promotion on. This is great, but how can you manage your customer relationships more efficiently and make sure you never miss a chance to win repeat business?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are systems specially designed to help businesses keep track of their customers and the interactions they have with them.

Rather than simply being a database of names and contact details, a good CRM solution will keep track of what people have bought and when they have bought it, keep notes of any communications you have had with them, and prompt you to contact them at certain times.

How can you use a CRM solution to boost your party rental business?

Having customer records in a CRM system means that if you have a customer you are helping with a birthday or anniversary party, you can set up a flag to remind you to get in touch with them at the same time next year. If you find out in conversation with a customer that their sister has an event coming up in September, you can make a note of this and have the system remind you to get in touch and see if you can help her with it nearer the time.

You can also use your CRM solution to help you target your promotional communications, by filtering all of your contacts by different criteria (people who have used a given service, people who have used you more than once etc.), and then collating their details so you can very easily send everyone in your target group and email or paper mail out.

Using a CRM system is the easiest and most efficient way to ensure you never miss a chance to win more business from the people who already know and trust your services.